Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adore Dare Contact Lens Review~

I got these lenses in Malaysia afew months ago but only opened them recently to wear to my formal. I picked up one set of grey and another set of purple lenses. Here's some more information about Adore lenses that I can give you:
Adore lenses are high quality optometrist-grade contact lenses that are available with or without power. They come in three different types, tri-tone, bi-tone and dare. From what I gather the tri-tone and bi-tone lenses are semi opaque, lightweight and offer unique dimension due to the 2/3 tone effect. Dare is the opaque, more visible range that also have a duotone effect. All of their range are 3 month lenses and I picked mine up for about $50 for 2 (it was 100 for one but I got another for half price on a deal).

Here's a close up the lens.  I have never worn lens before so inevitably this was difficult for me the first few times around. Because they are high quality (high water content and breathable), I didn't have as much of a problem compared to as if I were to buy those cheap low quality korean lenses that are in an abundance in the market these days. 
They are super comfortable. There was no discomfort besides after about the eight hour mark, but that was because I didn't have eye drops and my eyes were pretty worn and dry from the amount of failed times I tried to insert the lens. Here's a close up:

The grey has a very high quality gradient effect. The inner layer of the lens is a light greyish/blue hue and the outer is a dark grey which gives a natural, blended effect. I believe the diameter is 14.1mm so the overall look is very natural and wearable for everyday if you wear contact lens everyday to see.

I think these are great contacts and I was lucky to have started my contacts experience with such a great product. I will probably purchase this brand again if I'm looking for coloured contacts in the future, and I'll definitely put some pics of the purple ones up once I open them!

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*disclaimer- all these products were personally purchased with my own money


  1. have u tried de purple one yet?? can you please post de reviews? thanks!! the grey one is nice on u!!

    1. hi~! You just reminded me about them, tehehe.

      I will wear them to a party on Friday and a review will be up really soon! So stay tuned :)

  2. Thanks for the great review! :) I got a couple of boxes from a contest a while back, and haven't had the chance to try them out. I prefer at least 14.5 mm lenses, but i think these would be good for everyday wear like you said. :D

    P/S: I also chose grey and purple for my 2 boxes, haha!

    1. ahahha yeh, they were the most interesting colours! And I thought if I was going to wear contact lenses, I might as well go all out.

      I hope you enjoyed the lens and I'm sorry I didn't get back to you for so long!



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