Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fantasy Birthday Wishlist

my birthday is coming up and I love compiling lists. Ever since I created one last year, I've been excited to bring it back and basically list up all the things I am painfully lusting after but will never be able to afford all-at-once-if-not-ever. 

 These things are basically things I've been saving up forever for, or that I keep putting away my rainy day change in hopes of, but most likely, due to the fact that they are so outrageously priced, I will most likely never buy them.

yes, good old MK makes it back into the list again. This watch embodies everything about the Fantasy Birthday Wishlist. Unbelievably gorgeous, untouchable, shining and totally out of my league.

I've really been meaning to get these.. seriously. I have some "inspired" ones but the polyurethane as opposed to soft, soft, leather of JC's Balenciaga dupe is incomparable. They are the perfect boot, one that I dream of owning.

These platform heels are painfully gorgeous. What can I even say about them? They're like the graduated, refined, sophisticated and put together sister of JC's Lita. Everything from the flawless, high quality leather finish to the enchanting wooden heel leaves me speechless. I would opt for the fully black ones but the monochromatic ones pictured are cute too. Deandri's are made with love. I need these.

I love the look of these bags. They're so square and outdoor-sy (something that I am lacking but wish I wasn't). I love the simplicity of the hand carry concept with the thin and wearable backpack straps. There are so many colours too, I wouldn't know where to start! I'm loving the lighter and neutral ones a lot though.

what can I say? I'm a hopeless shoe girl. UNIF can do no wrong. The heel .. there's nothing else to say. It's flippin gorgeous, no words can describe!

The Clarisonic is such a polarising product. Some love it and swear by it, some label it as a huge waste of money. Me? I'm just desperate to have clear skin. I'm brinking on adulthood and my severe cystic acne is the one that I would do without amongst my endless list of insecurities. 

Gorgeous Clothes 
(that I'd never spend that amount of money on)

+++++ so many more others.

o what it would be like to have an endless amount of money.


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