About me

I'm a full-sized girl residing in the hot West of Australia, with a love for art, and an interest in fashion and beauty. This blog has been active circa. 2012 and a place for me to explore new products, ideas and styles. 

how would you describe your style? modest silhouettes, daring patterns and interesting textures. I'm 50% preppy, bordering 10% minimalist, meshed with 35% punk-rock grunge and 5% kawaii.

 makeup: eye makeup
accessory: scarves in Winter, sunnies in Summer
type of shoe: classic loafers, slimline sneakers, or anything with a platform
colour: red, but I wear mostly black
place to shop: online!
youtuber: grav3yardgirl, clothesencounters
blogger: xiaxue, StyleFilmer
brands: UNIF, minkpink, joyrich, asos

 book: The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger
type of music: rock, alternative, folk, remixes and sometimes kpop :)
tv show: Hart of Dixie, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Elementary, Misfits
food: potato dishes, followed closely by pizza
website: youtube, bookdepository, asos
youtube channel: pewdiepie, ItsJudysLife, sxcphil
VS Angel: Candice!
holiday destination: Paris


beauty, fashion &lifestyle related:

email: thestyleavenger@gmail.com

twitter / tumblr 


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find me at thestyleavenger@gmail.com for business inquiries and any questions :)

I want to have no limits and gain the confidence to wear whatever I want.

I am a driven, and upfront girl who says what she thinks with a passion to explore, identify and improve. I hope you will join me in feeling free and defying what society has pre determined as being fashionable and confident!