Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's been a good few years with this blog! Formerly known just as styleavenger-(yikes what a cringe worthy name!) a0style will be no longer after this post. I will easily admit that I had practically no viewership despite posting throughout the years. But I never cared all that much- I've honestly loved blogging for me and no one else. I found expressing and recording my thoughts down not only stress relieving, but fun as well!
I've recently been posting under one outlet, which is the username 'angie0nline'- on instagram, twitter, the whole works! (If only I could change my youtube username SIGHGGGHGHH.) After a few months I decided to make the big change. If any random person was reading this, you'd probably be wondering "????" "she has like no readers! What was so hard about that!!!" But it was hard for me to leave this blog behind because it was so personal, and JUST FOR ME! To the point where all the posts were memories I kept holding onto.

  I started to expand my interests beyond 'style' and found that the blog I had created kind of limited my way of thinking and expressing exactly what I wanted to. I had so many different blogs/channels/accounts and outlets for several things, I found myself enjoying blogging less because I was so spread out and separated even though I am after all, just one person.

So I cordially invite you to join me at my new blog, angie0nline . This is where I will be posting everything related to blogging in the future. The name is just basic and I feel more comfortable divulging all aspects of my interests under this title. I have been posting food pics on this blog for quite a while now.

Anyways, I would just like to say that ANYONE who has ever read any of my posts on the blog, if you ever see this, thank you! If you'd like to see more from me then I'd love for you to visit angie0nline. But who am I kidding? I'm the only one here! And I'm fine with that :D

This is my final sign off on this blog *wipes tear*,
Loved every part of it,

spiffy new layout for the a new adventure

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sleek Haul! Review + Swatches (Part I- Del Mar Limited Edition Palette)

Hi yall, long time no blog. I've been swamped with uni/work/life blah blah the usual! But I have a review for you today, of the ever so popular Sleek eyeshadow palettes.
You've most likely heard a tonne about these just as I have. I was very excited to try them as they're highly recommended by many beauty bloggers and I am a novice makeup enthusiast looking to expand my range.

I decided to pick up unusual colours that pushed my comfort zone as there was a low commitment factor due to the affordable price of each palette. Even if I didn't particularly like the shades, I wouldn't be too devo testing them out as they are great value for money. I wanted to divide the posts up into short and succinct reviews, so here is part 1.

"DEL MAR" Limited Edition 

Del Mar is...
A bright matte dominant palette that verges on the edge of vibrant and lively.

The good:
  • Great variety of colours to sample, affordable, generally very good quality.

Standout shades: 
  • Blue Marlin- a gorgeous rich matte turquoise with exceptional colour payoff, blendability and staying power.
  • Lounge Lovers- satin "baked" style shadow in a unique blue/grey toned gold. Opaque and buttery.
  • Chilled Out- non chalky white shade perfect for highlight. Great quality in such an affordable palette!
The bad:
  • Overall not too bad, but the lighter colours were a little chalky and the colour payoff was not bad but not as amazing as the deeper shades. Would have to say talamanca looks quite gross on my skin and opening party looked plain tacky on my yellow asian skin tone.
  • Not very versatile- colours are difficult to use together. Unless you are a fan of bright looks, it will be difficult to get a lot of use from this palette solely without other neutrals.
  • Packaging is surely very sleek and secure, but dummy proof since an idiot like myself constantly has trouble opening it.
And here is a random eye look I played with using Chilled out on the brow highlight, Lounge Lovers as the inner corner highlight, Feel Euphoric as the lid shade and Blue Marlin as and eye line. Excuse the grossness of flash and my uneven discoloured skin and ungroomed brows (It was the end of the day and I was oily and had removed all my day makeup. We're all human hahaha.) I am used to desperately relying on primers to get the desired colour payoff so I was very happy with the shades I used to create this look.

My next reviews will be on the Supreme Palette, the i-Divine Vintage Romance, and Face Form contour kit in "light"!


Saturday, January 4, 2014


Clean cuts, clear lines, definite shapes. 

top: mooloolah/ skort: asos/ platforms: Deandri

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years 2013 Look ft. Benefit Makeup Holiday Set!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

HAUL- MAJOR CHANGES! Michael Todd, Dangerfield, Japanese Stationary

I finally saved enough to purchase some good recording equipment! I'm so happy with the Canon 600D, beyond words and thankful to be able to buy it. Here's my first ever video with it ^^

Thursday, November 21, 2013

OOTD- Autumn in Spring

My final exam of the year was today! *hollers* So much excitement and relief flooded through me- even though I probably didn't do too well- I'm so glad they're finally over. This year more than most, I'm looking forward to the break and being productive, getting my life started and reaching my goals finally seems possible. Challenges are abundant, but bring it on (I say for once)!
This isn't my usual style, but what can I say? I'm not one to be closed minded. I felt so girly and feminine, it was an awkward change haha. Still fun and perfect for this weather while still being modest!
Dress: Forever 21/ Bag: Zara/ Flats: some random store in Malaysia


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Style File: Alexander McQueen A/W2013 Women's Collection

Alexander McQueen is definitely one of my favourite fashion labels. Their designs remain dynamic from season to season.

The McQueen A/W 2013 Collection is exquisite, an image of luxury mediated by a  skilled contemporary approach to the theme of 'royalty'. The catwalk pieces present us with an augmented aesthetic- a blending of traditional wild extravagance with altered, contemporary silhouettes. Off-shoulder cuts were popular, as well as dress trains and beaded and embroider patterns. Housed in a regal gallery-like setting, the show is centre stage for these marvellous pieces.

Although this collection is a inspired by royal costume, I don't see pure extravagance in these designs inspired by extravagance. It is clear to me that there is a visible element of control. The designs are bound by order, weight, and title that allude to the theme of royalty- it's clear in the exquisite caged headpieces most of the models donned and by the monotony of the colour palette that further entices restricted tradition. Beading and detail was the focus rather than pushing the envelope with line and shape- which would be expected of this theme. I love the varied approach to the concept as it is subtle but still powerfully executed at the same time.
Alxender McQueen has also translated the essence of the inseason designs into their womenswear collection as well. The pieces offer tidy lines and allude to minimalism while still remaining regal, and more importantly, wearable.

I'm in love with the silhouettes of these pieces- the clean lines and defined shapes reference to a more contemporary, minimalist style too. Hems and necklines are cut to perfection- staying classy but also fabulous. Everything is so on point and not only adheres to current trends, but defines new ones too.
 Dresses are definitely a standout- most being sleeved which is unique for modern trends. I'm impressed, and definitely a sleeve type of girl. They're flattering, classy and sexy at the same time. Another gorgeous recurring style in their collection is the square neckline reminiscent of medieval dress. It's been given the mod with short hems and a sexy slim fit like in the black dress below, teamed up with rose gold/gold- the elegance!
The new A/W 2013 collection is perfect. I love the pieces and can imagine all you fashion lovers out there dreaming of warming up in these sexy numbers. Yes, I'm in the southern hemisphere right now, where it's sweltering hot while the rest of the world is preparing for snow. But I can still dream can't I? Or at least admire from afar...


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