Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Style Highlight: Sarah Scott (Scott x Scott) for B:SCOTT/LAB:CO

the ScottxScott online store
So let me admit, I'm all too keen for Summer to be blown away and for Winter to just roll in already. So when I found myself on the Urban Outfitters website, or more specifically, on their sale section, I couldn't help but snap up some incredible steals that they had on outerwear.

While browsing in an orderly fashion, I came upon the Sarah Scott Varsity Blazer (or the LAB:CO wool bomber jacket, as UO liked to call it) for $19.99, I couldn't resist picking it up in the last available size, L even though I would be a steady M.

I was intrigued with the brand, and the price tag that had dropped over $100 big ones, but I can't say much for it until it's arrived obviously. Unfortunately it has disappeared off the site and I am assuming that it is now out of stock, but more importantly, my casual browsing has led me to the discovery of Sarah Scott Design.

The google search rendered random scientific results and let me just tell you, ScottxScott are a damn mysterious bunch. I have no idea but I'm going to assume that they're a relatively new, independent brand that has sealed a concession with UO.

I had no idea about the label, nor the brandname other than UO calling the jacket a brand of "LAB:CO". I loved the jacket but my curiosity had not been satisfied with the vague results that the obligatory Google search had offered me. Various word associations were typed in, and much to my surprise I found the Jacket's creators, known as Scott x Scott, and Sarah Scott being the female counterpart of the duo.
Sarah Scott Design
Sarah Scott's line is edgy, contemporary and clad in black. They offer anything from real leather outerwear to more affordable alternatives most of which are slick with lashings of a leather look.
I would describe their designs to be a mix of classic cuts with the rebellion of modern chic, and what makes the label or the more refreshing is that they manage to incorporate all of this and still create clean designs.

the two way jacket
With the recent resurgence of grunge rock and the nineties not only in high fashion but street trends, a clean rendition of this style is something I haven't seen in a while, if not ever. It's certainly refreshing.
Don't Kill the Messenger Bag
I'm personally in love with the two way jacket for it's versatility and also edgy geometrics, and the unique shape of the Don't Kill the Messenger Bag lures me in as well. I have a lusting for all the pieces, especially their outerwear- a combination of a very classic, almost androgynous look with a small twist.

Well, ScottxScott has got a fan in me.

You can find the female SCOTTxSCOTT line here
You can purchase the line here or at Urban Outfitters
Find out the latest via the SCOTTxSCOTT twitter

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