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REVIEW: Physician's Formula Eyeliner Trio ++ swatches

Priceline was having a 40% off all Physician's Formula and I couldn't resist picking up something to test out. I've always been intrigued by the brand Physician's Formula, and this is my first product purchased from them. Here's my in depth review with a plethora of close up eye pictures.

I decided to purchase the Eyeliner Trio in the BROWN EYES combo, a set of 3 pencil eyeliners in the shades black, purple and brown. RRP $24.95, and I snapped these up for around $14AUD- a great deal, right?

The website claims include: Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Dermatologist approved. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
The eyeliners are in the wind up style and come with small detachable sharpeners that are tucked into the ends of the sticks.

I haven't bought a pencil type eyeliner for ages. I've been dipping into the various ranges eyeliners come in to find what works best for me, as recently there has been an influx in different eyeliners not only in the form (cream, gel, liquid etc.) but applicators (three prong, felt tip, brush, potset etc.).

My eye/lids are: hooded, very oily, watery
My main problems with eyeliners are: smudging

purple-black combo was pretty interesting
My past experiences with pencils have been dreadful- smudging, constant sharpening, breaking and horrible pigmentation. I wasn't expecting much from these eyeliners but I was happy to see that they delivered quite well. The eyeliners are creamy and thick, but still firm so that point of the nib stays in tact using the pressure needed to draw a clean edge.

pretty fine wing and clean edge if you ask me. It's soft enough to look smoky and cool

I was surprised I was able to wing my eyeliner off quite neatly. I have never been able to get such a fine line from other pencil liners. The trio also gives you interesting colours to make use of that I normally would not have tried. I love the effect of the brown and I can't believe I didn't try out brown eyeliner earlier!

brown- exceptionally subtle. And I really like it actually.
As with most eyeliners, they did deliver the obligatory smudge after an hour or too. Though I really am cutting this eyeliner some slack because it's a fourty degree Australian summer right now and even the roads are melting. I can't expect this product to defy the laws of physics, can I?

(please disregard my embarrassing squint in the following picture, LOL. I was trying to show how it creases in my hooded eyelids) 

nothing here.. just awkward lol

The creasing that occurred, may I add, is minimal. There is barely any movement of the product from my eyes, other than the surface layer that comes in contact with my lid. If you can see in the above picture, it does crease under these conditions, but notice how the line hasn't really smudged or moved. This would be a really easy fix if you were out and about, for example. Just wipe off, no need to reapply.

I really loaded a lot of the product to test it out and I'm pretty sure any eyeliner this thick would smudge, especially in this heat.

UPDATE: totally forgot to add these in, *facepalm*
Swatches. I'm really surprised how well the brown faired. Can't say much for the purple though, it was so smudgy ): Black was decent but yes, brown, standout!

+ very clean edges
+ affordable for 3 eyeliners
+ wind up applicator is convenient, as is sharpener
+ nicely pigmented
+ hypoallergenic, fragrance free and all that skin-friendly stuff
+ versatile looks can be created

x smudged quite easily on my oily-primed lids
x shape of the eyeliner stick is so that you can't put the lid on the end
x could lose the lids easily

Would I repurchase? They are a really nice, easy batch of pencil eyeliners that I'm glad to have found at around $15. I'm not sure I would repurchase at the original price though. Maybe if they went on sale again, I would try out the other eye duos, but I'm interested in trying out other products.

Now to end this review, here's an obligatory selfie -_-  typical me making a stupid face to avoid the awkwardness of serious selfie-taking, while wearing two entirely different eyeliner looks/colours/wings lmao.

pixels are going to be the hottest makeup trend of 2013

And now for a slightly more serious one..

excuse my horrid skin, Australian Summer's are no friend of mine


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