Friday, December 21, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Glitter Unboxing & Review

I had to grab these up during the Solestruck black friday sale. Click through the jump for more! :)

They are the Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Red Glitter. RRP at $159.95 and I snatched them up for around $50.
I have always wanted to "experience" the Lita due to it's almost viral effect on not only the internet but fashion enthusiasts alike. Just about every body and their mothers rave about the Lita as being undyingly comfortable. And who doesn't want that with a heel?
I got these in a size US7. They didn't have any half sizes with this range, and from my previous experience with the Tardy's (that can be also found on my blog), I thought I could go down a bit just to prevent my foot from sliding so much, and my arch from being all weird.

As you can see, they are a bright red glitter with varying sized particles with a wooden heel. My low budget digital camera does not do them justice. Especially when they are being all naturally fabulous and glittering in the sun.

The glitter flakes are multi-dimensional and very iridescent. If you look closely you can see that they are actually a range of sizes from tiny, fine glitters to slightly chunkier pieces, enhancing the effect of movement within the shoe.

I love red. It's one of my favourite colours. And I love the premise of this boot. it's a more wearable, 
substantial version to a classic party look. I feel like I'm a modern day Dorothy in these. 

What I really don't like is that the glitters are loose glitters. I probably wouldn't really go for a glossed glitter anyway because they almost always look tacky, but the fallout on these shoes is no joke.
If you consider the rrp is $150+, you'd think that Jeffrey Campbell, a company known for bringing high style to the relatively affordable market of shoes, would give you what you are paying for.
But even untying the laces and carefully sliding my foot in gives me extreme fallout.

The fact that the shoe is covered in loose glitters also makes the ankle part that comes into contact with skin a flipping nightmare. I'm not a fan of anything that irritates my skin and these shoes itch like a bitch when the glitter rubs my ankles. Worst thing is that that alone is wearing away the glitter.

Most Litas are made from genuine leather so it's also kinda sucky these are made of pv-like synthetics, again considering the price is the same as real leather Lita's, I would never have paid the full price for these.

My foot is also wide. These are snug, I will admit that, but nothing I can't work with and nothing compared to some other shoes I've limped over after wearing them for the tiniest time.

The only redeeming factor is that they are at a great angle. I can see what people mean by how comfy they are. Also, the effect of these shoes from further away, (lol aka the distance people usually will be at to see anyone's shoes) is breathtaking. The tiny teeny problems with the particles flaking off aren't that visible if you aren't too fussed. Since I got these at such a low price, I can't complain.

I bought 2 pairs of Lita's and these are the more wearable pair. The other pair, the Lita Spike v.2 in Denim are x100 more comfy, I must admit but unfortunately I don't think I could pull them off. I want to keep a pair even though both propose different dilemmas. So I will be keeping these despite the aforementioned "problems" with the shoe, because they are still pretty cute and I got them for a crazy price.


  1. ahoi sorry for disturbing but im havng a little question to you i really want a certain pair of shoes and ive allready asked the shop where they were on sale (exclusively (its the jeffrey campbell tardy in lavender suede for edge of urge) they said that they dont have them anymore and that they would need about many for a re-order from jeffrey campbell and so i am asking around if people could ask edge of urge for a reorder and so please could you maybe ask them as well?
    that would be really awesome
    and maybe you could do a shout out on your blog
    so that your readers ask edge of urge as well?
    thank you really XD
    have a nice day
    and merry christmas

  2. ps
    they look like christmas kyyaaah XD

  3. you should style a party look with these! xx



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