Friday, December 7, 2012

Style Crush: Dominique aka StyleFilmer

this is kind of a different type of post, but I figured it would suffice since I've been quite lazy in posting recently. I have a few videos +posts planned so please anticipate them in the mean time!

Anyways. I usually don't have style "icons" or people that I specifically follow in terms of being inspirations in fashion, celebrity or otherwise. I feel like I gather inspiration from everyone as I like aspects of everyone and fashion is constantly evolving, but I had the pleasure of discovering Dominique Nghiem, a 17 year old self described moonchild that resides from the sunny shores of the OC (if I'm correct).

I first subscribed to her and she inspires me in a lot of ways. She was not only edgy and seriously badass but she doesn't care what people think of her and what she wears. Now her style may not be to everyone's tastes, and me being super tame myself obviously don't agree with every single little thing but I can respect her and she is still just as inspiring because of her attitude and fearlessness in exploring different fashion and being unique.

She isn't trying to be anyone and I think that is a major part of her appeal. Her youtube consists of videos of exactly what she likes and finds interesting, her ideas and her own style. That is extremely rare these days. There is a lot of shit out there these days that has no value. She is different. She's a gem in a crowd. 

I mean, it helps that she is tiny and would probably look good in anything (kinda the opposite to me lol) but the fact that she doesn't let her size/shape/what people must think of her get in her way is really inspiring because she has confidence and that is what I ultimately think determines whether what your wearing really looks good or it doesn't.

I observe her style to be very alternative, lapping in the waves of youth and recklessness and bohemian in the sense that it is so free, different and fearless. And her video edits are so wacky and amazing, they are so creative and show how much effort she puts into her blog and videos. Same goes for all her blog pics haha.

Anyways, I don't think Dominique will ever see this but if she does then I hope it was okay to use some of  my favourite recent pictures from her blog. Keep staying awesome. :)

You can check her out on youtube as StyleFilmer or her blog at Style2bones 


  1. Such an inspiring post!




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