Saturday, March 23, 2013

17/3 Instagram Weekly

Hey everyone! I recently got instagram and I love it. I hope I can bring you my week in instagram more in the future. If not, I'll aim for fornight~ly or so. Here are a few snaps so far.

1. gloomy- starting uni imminent!
2. goodbyes and awkward smiles
 3. green tea frappe cheers me up
 4. making breakfast perfect thanks to five:am organic yoghurt!
 5. knee deep in study already
 6.  long waits at the bus stop

7. watching way too much Walking Dead, obsessed
 8. wishing I could still draw well
9. uni ready
 10. a lazy ootd
11. discovery of instasize- life complete
 12. currently obsessed with the CW's Beauty and the Beast, most specifically Jay Ryan aka Vincent Kellar: swooon

How's your week/s been? I'd really like to see how everyone has been in instagram. It would be so interesting.

x Angie


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