Saturday, April 13, 2013

ootd: Life Changes and Sometimes My Clothes Do Too

I've really been neglecting this blog! But So much has happened recently. I'm now in university, and I recently turned the legal adult age. I've been preoccupied adjusting to such a different and sudden life and with that is having to coordinate an outfit every single day. I used to wear my uniform everyday, it was so easy but I was excited to start expressing myself with the way I dress. I didn't expect it to be so stressful! 

white tshirt
baby pink ombre circle skirt
chain link belt
vintage brown leather bag
cutout boots (pictured below)
*find out where I got everything below!*

I really can't stand in front of a camera with a straight face
the day I wore this, It was raining. Figures. It would happen to me.

have a great day,

someone out there loves you. 


  1. oh your hair is gorgeous!! so long!!
    the shoes are so cute! look great on you :)



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