Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekly Visuals: My Crazy Rollercoaster Week- The XX Concert, Thoughts and Ootd's..

As I mentioned, I've been pretty occupied lately- from adjusting to university life, to becoming legal and also at times pondering my existentialist life and the point in the universe... well anyway. Without further ado, let me take  you through it.

L-R: top quality show and sets, Oliver serenading in front+ Jamie doing his thing behind.
I had the chance to go to The XX concert. My city was their first stop in their Australian tour, and luckily I became of legal age a few days before the concert that was held at a club. I was front row, aching in my Litas but it was worth it. 

They were exceptional live and with the atmospheric effects, I dare say better than the studio recordings. Most of their songs were mixed with more lively beats to accompany the amazing light show.  These pics are not edited/zoomed. I was so close to the stage and Oliver really does know how to wind up an audience. I admit I do admire Mr Oliver Sim, very much so.

 It was easily one of the greatest nights of my life.

Electric chemistry and skilled musicians, love.

what I'm wearing: vintage lace crop top, PU skirt by SES, Jeffrey Campbell Glitter Litas 
nightclubs with friends. Again in my glittery Litas, I love them. I feel like Dorothy. So damn comfy, received a lot of compliments on them.

what I'm wearing: Plaid pinafore by ASOS, black bag by H&M, Zipia Cutout Boots
  My mum celebrated her birthday recently. Plaid, pinafore, (faux) leather and cutouts for the occasion of dimsum.

L-R: Tripp NYC Red/Black Leg Jeans, Superga Sand Flatforms/ Lying on the grass and wondering
Wondering if I met the guy of my dreams thanks to these jeans. And not letting the thought go because I let him go. Other than being hard, I hate it when life is confusing.

Did I mention the lights broke in our bathroom? The result is, well, something unexpectedly beautiful and calming.

Have a great day,
Someone out there loves you.


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