Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm now brunette! + 120411 OOTD

I haven't shown my face properly, so here it is, keke.


jump the cut for more pictures and what I used :)

I cut my own front bangs. Right now it is being rather annoying because it doesn't want to stay in place at the front and keeps separating back into sideswept bangs. >
in blue light
in bright light
cool light
I used Loreal Super Blonde Pre-Lightener which is not a colour stripper but a bleacher. It is extremely drying, so I don't recommend it for dry, brittle or damaged hair types. My hair is extremely damaged as I have changed the colour ALOT (Previously bleached, streaked, and pinkified my hair many times, and recently I have dyed it jet black a few times which is a huge no no if you ever want hair a lighter colour again). Luckily my hair type is extremely oily, thus fortunately resistant to breakage compared to normal.
The formula of the product smells, really really strong, worse than normal hair bleach and is alot more drier/stickier than normal bleach. It's hard to work with but gives a better result than my previous experiences using basic hair bleach to lighten my hair.
The colour ended up less brassy than predicted so I'm okay with having this hair colour. This is just one stage I am in in the process of changing my hair colour to a bold, bright red. Next week I will be using Solfine Crema Colour, which is a professional hair colourant using an oxidiser to achieve my desired colour. I kind of like the brown, but I have to say goodbye to it so suddenly. ):

I was too lazy to do anything fancy. Popped out to the store to buy some things, then layered with a grey blazer for a family dinner at night.

tshirt: Factorie
button up: Chala (discontinued)
shorts: Jay Jays
tights: H&M


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