Wednesday, June 27, 2012

00627 Jeffrey Campbell Cork Tardy's

these beauties came in the mail today, I'm so happy! Here's my review on the Jeffrey Campbell Cork Tardy's, including sizing, fit, quality, and my guide. If you have and questions I will try to answer them :)


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for your in depth review! I found it really helpful. I'm looking a buying my very own pair of Tardy's in Cork but I'm still a bit unsure of sizing.
    I'm an AU 6, do you think that simply converts to a JC 6 or should I go up 1/2 a size?
    Thanks so much in advance! xx

    1. Hey Emily, I'm glad you found the review helpful!! :)
      Because the shoe is enclosed all the way around, I think the sizing really does depend on the width of your foot and if you usually size up or down. They are pretty true to size..if you prefer shoes being quite snug they wont be too bad as the cork upper is very soft and flexible. I'd say stick with a 6 because the 7.5 is just the tiniest bit big on me but nothing too bad to worry about :)

      If you order of solestruck or other good shoe sites they will also have a good return/exchange policy so dont worry too much :)

  2. hey there, i was just wondering how long did shipping take?

    1. heya!
      From Urban Outfitters it took around 2 weeks, which is pretty standard from the US to Australia. This was on Standard shipping though and UO is pretty good with their shipping times.

      Usually US orders to Australia take from one week to a month to arrive for me :)



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