Sunday, October 6, 2013

Harley Quinn-esque Colour Scheme with Tripp NYC Jeans

I'm definitely proud of my oddball sense of style and these jeans by Tripp NYC were like a culmination of everything embodying my personal style philosophy! They remind me so much of Harley Quinn's jinx-like costume.
They are indeed super tight, probably way too tight for my elephant like thighs but whatevs.
These jeans are crazy. They receive an arguably worse response from the general public than my unif hellraisers do. I've been chastised by random strangers more than once for wearing this seemingly inoffensive pair of pants. Most people ask me if I've just sewn two different pairs of jean legs together. (Of course not lol)
Teamed this fab pair with my batman converse (duh?!) and some simple monochrome (mainly black) pieces. Can't get more awesome than my double batman reference, even though no one recognised it. Perfect for a lazy day at uni.
What can I say? I'm just a geek through and through.


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