Friday, February 24, 2012

Huge BeautyJoint Haul! Nyx, Klean Color, Milani, China Glaze + more!

Oh New Years money, I see where you went ):
I've always wanted to try American drug store brands, as there has been huge hype of them all over the internet. Cheap AND great performance? Who wouldn't want to! So when A friend of mine told me about a site that has a great range and okay pricing (okay I mean not that good if you buy heaps of stuff ): ) , yeah. I got a little carried away.So here's what I got! Jump to the bottle if you want the review of the site :)

LtR: Nyx pencil "deep red", Nyx Retractable lip pencil "Natural", NYX Jumbo Crayon in Purple Velvet, Cottage Cheese,  LA Girl Jumbo Eye Pencil in Waves & Sandcastles

I got 2  Nyx Jumbo Pencils and 2 LA Girl Jumbo Pencils and two lip pencils. I'll do a detailed comparison of the NYX and LA Girl later :). The NYX ones were $3.50, and the LA Girl ones were $1.75 I think.

the colour payoff of the Milani Once Coat glitters were enough for me to splurge and get 3. I love the One Coat Glitters, they really are one coat, but they look better with two or more.My Favourite is the black/silver one, it's very gunmetal and wearable. Even though my favourite colour is red, it's probably my least favourite just because it doesn't sparkle as much. I really wanted to like it. :/
The 3D Holographic ones fascinated me to no end. I have the silver one one now and it's absolutely amazing. I'm constantly distracted by it sparkling in rainbow colours in the light, it's dazzling yet in normal shade it becomes a subtle, wearable silver with a bit of sparkle. The gold, I have swatched and is a tad disappointing. The yellow is a dirty yellow and pales in comparison to it's beautiful rose gold One Coat counterpart. All these polishes were $3.99, a steal!

here are some miscellaneous beauty items I bought. I LOVE the Seche Vite Base Coat. Initially I thought I ordered the top coat (which I've been hearing alot about) but this is good too. :)
The Jordana matte lipstick is a light pink and so pretty! It smells so good, plus the formula is creamy plus affordable. I also got the E.L.F All over cover stick in white, which I have been using as a highlighter. For the price, it's very satisfactory and has a creamy, easy to blend formula. On a random note, I purchased the Acnes Mentholatum BB cream, which is something I haven't heard much about but have been curious about since the powdery lotion and tinted moisturiser are a huge hit with me. It's okay, I really like it except that I've been breaking out recently but it might not be the bb cream.

I've got Dorothy Who, which is a blue with a few glitters, Inner beauty-  a pinkish nude and the Patent Leather Top Coat. Dorothy Who suits a top coat, but isn't opaque and isn't as dazzling as the one coat glitters. I haven't swatched Inner Beauty, but I love the top coat, it's great. :) The China Glaze polishes were probably the most pricey items I bought at about $3.99 each and the weight of these babies drove the postage up alot.

 I also got these Klean Colours pastels in teal and orange. They're super cheap and not wow worthy. Comes in a decent size and is okay. But nothing amazing unfortunately.

My experience with beautyjoint:
Overall I'd say ordering with them was a positive experience. I was always very afraid to order makeup online due to my horrible experiences with leaking products etc. I did my research and found all this hype about beautyjoint and Cherryculture but found out that beautyjoint's postage is cheaper and that they also offer a larger range such as the nail polishes that Cherryculture does not. Even though I was totally satisfied with Beautyjoint and their customer service (they even gave me a discount code for a large order!) one of the China Glaze polishes came rather empty and had dried residue on the outer rim. I have emailed them and hopefully it can be resent ):

unused, but there was missing formula that made it seem used. ):
I ordered with a creditcard and the total was around $150 on a group order with my friends (don't worry, I'm not THAT crazy to spend that much myself! haha) and the postage for 46 items to Australia was $50.55, which even though I felt was very steep, it was justifiable considering the range of products and their lack of availability internationally, and the price of the products themselves were cheap. Personally I think they could really improve customer service by offering free shipping on orders over x amount or something similar for large orders because I know I'd definitely order off there much more if they did. I hate paying expensive shipping costs, it's the one thing that can really be a decider for me when ordering online.
The package arrived just about two weeks after I had ordered in a box with styrofoam noodles and everything was packed away really well in bubble wrap. My friends and I were like little kids in a candy store opening them up! I'm still wondering how the heck the polish has leaked through that great packaging job ): Anyways, all the products were alright besides the jordana lipstick which had some dewy vapour on the outside, though I am presuming it was from the intense heat in Australia and that is not a huge problem for me as it is still perfectly working.
I have already place another tiny order from them and hopefully I will be able to do so again in the future! I do recommend the site to us Aussies that only have a limited selection of products on our shelves.


  1. how much was shipping from beautyjoint?

    1. hi there dear,
      shipping is based on weight so it differs depending on what item you purchase. I can't remember the exact total, but heavy items such as nail polish brought the shipping up as compared to eyeliners etc. that were only a few cents. I hope that helps and sorry for the late-ish reply! x

  2. hey! i ordered off beauty joint as well around 20 days ago with the standard shipping, i was wondering if there were any mishaps in the shipping process as i think i should have gotten it by now , need the products for my formal! :(

    1. Hello there,
      I has been a while since I last ordered, but I do think that it was a bit slow to ship out. I live in Australia so it took around 4 weeks, but I think it depends where you are. If you're in the US you will probably be fine. I really hope you get your order before prom, best wishes for it! x



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