Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Beauty Haul

 Yesto Carrots clearing moisturiser, wet ones sensitive, wet ones original, Thursday Plantation Tee Tree Medicated Gel for Acne, Fashion Tape, Cutex Nail Polish Remover,Models Prefer teasing comb, Vs Sassoon Curl magic, Aveeno Moisturiser, Umberto Gianni Sex Bomb Hair mousse

Went to the city recently and found myself stocking up on essentials! Can't believe I spent that much, though to be fair I actually desperately needed some of these which are every day items for me. The Aveeno and Tea Tree Acne Gel are my HG moisturiser and acne treatment! I can't live without them! I was using the Garnier moisturiser but figured I could try a new one. The Yes to Carrots moisturiser is a whopping $23.99 for 50ml, I almost cried handing the money over. So far so good, but we'll see how it goes. The other items are all in preparation (in some way) for my ball in March! (a ball is the Australian version of Prom, but we only have it once in the final year of highschool. It's a pretty big event.) I was going to do my makeup and hair myself so I wanted to try out this Curl magic. It's very good but since my hair is super long, I'm actually regretting this purchase since I didn't get it on sale and it was pricey... ):

Various jewellery. The Chain necklace- doesn't it look pimpish? Not really sure how I'll style it. Abit of a regret buy.

  got these for $4! Aren't they a steal? 

unfortunately these weren't on sale, $12.99 was so pricey. ):


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