Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

disclaimer: I won't get all these things for my birthday, nor do I expect to be receiving any, my friends are very busy this year anyway and I don't expect them to get me anything at all because there are alot of people to cater for in my group. My friends don't even know of the existence of this blog, let alone have the capability to find this. I would never ask or expect anything on this list, alot of these are really pricey items. It was just really fun compiling this list for my fantasies, plus it's good to organise my thoughts so maybe I can look towards to saving for these in the future. :)
**also none of these images, except for the polaroid image, are mine nor am I claiming ownership of them! They're off google and I'd really love to thank whoever owns them, if you have a problem with me using them please contact me and I'll happily remove it.

1. Michael Kors Large Runway Double Glitz Watch, Rose Golden
I really do have a soft spot for all their watches just because they're so chunky yet delicate and classy, but Michael Kors really  have some BEAUTIFUL rose gold watches! But I probably won't ever have this baby in my hands (or wrist) just because of it's massive price tag. But it's sosososo pretty isnt it? T^T Well a girl can dream...

2. Swatch watches
Yes, I've been getting into watches lately! No only are good quality ones durable, they're waterproof  and you can keep them on at all times, and they last just about forever due to the great warranty policies! I have many faves but here are a few: ivory softness from the classic collection, Lucky Draw: graphic designers collection, Midnight Magic: Kidrobot collection and white rebel: core collection

3. Polaroid Films
pretty self explanatory! I burn through these easily at events. I've got my big ball-o coming up so I suspect I'll be down on them after that.

4. Real Techniques Core Collection and Starter Kit
I recently bought the stippling and powder brush off Amazon and they are great for the price! I've been eyeing these off for a while and since they are so affordable I might get them in the future when I have some spare money

5. Face masks!
I've been getting into face masks recently aswell because they're pretty fun and have great effects! But my skin is very oily so it's difficult to find ones catered to acne/problem skin as most of the face mask demographic is the dry, anti aging types. I want to try the My Beauty Diary Apple Mask, Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Mask, Holika Holika Milk Green Tea Mask and the Earl Grey and Macaron MBD masks!

6. zettai kareshi!
HAHAHA. Well if you know what I mean, then yeah, guess you know. But yes, guess I've been without one my whole life, I would prefer not to start university the same way then be totally lost and make mistakes if I ever actually got a かれ。 Not that keen on any 男の子 I know though. I'm pretty picky for all the weird reasons, to be honest I don't really even go for  かこくてハンサムの男の子 anyways, so it's hard. instead, このしゃしんはとても囲いの男の子です。リャンゴスリングといいます。


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