Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mini Beautyjoint Haul! NYX, Elf

 This one came super quickly! Here's my mini haul and a brief review and first impression of the products I ordered, there are only four things.
I basically ordered again because I have my school formal fast approaching and I realised that I needed a few things whereas the huge haul the first time I ordered was more of a splurge for fun with my New Year's money. I wanted to rock the red lippy look but there are so many different red lipsticks and I didn't know which one was similar to the shade I wanted so I went by their shade samples [which unfortunately, were not very accurate ): ] I ordered 2 to be safe, the Matte Lip Cream by NYX in Monte Carlo, and their round lipstick in Elektra aswell as a lip liner pencil in burgundy and Elf's Tickled Pink blush which is a huge hit all over the net.
Lets start with the round lippy.

NYX Elektra
I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Of the two products this was the one closed to the shade I had hoped. The formula is delectably creamy and the packaging was very nice and classy for a product that is $2.50. It has great colour payoff aswell. Definitely would recommend!

I was pleasantly surprised by Tickled Pink. It's lovely and a muted light pink shade that would be wearable on my skintones. I haven't tried it out on my face yet, but swatching it, it had a nice matte finish and product can be dispersed and applied easily as alot comes off from a gentle swipe.

This lip cream was probably the worst of the lot. For all the reviews it had been getting plus the $5.70 pricetag that is more than double the round lippy, I had high expectations. Unfortunately the product is a violent red with strong magenta undertones and much to loud for me. I was so disappointed because all the swatches I had seen online were a rich, dark, warm red, which is what I wanted.
Not only this, but the wand applicator does not pick up much product at all and I found myself needing to do a second coat, but the staying power was so bad that when applying the second coat, the first one is wiped off! I would NOT recommend this shade to anyone!

Here are the swatches for all the products:

hehehe I love how my watch matches perfecting with these swatches. Anywaaay. The bottom four are the products mentioned. I've swatched some similar red shades of my other products for a comparison. The jordana lippy doesn't show true to colour, (it's so much brighter) but the others I would say are.

  Fabulous Fig (009) from Revlon's matte line matches the NYX burgundy lip pencil almost to a tee! I'm glad :) Really Red would probably be the most warm shade of red, even though it's the lightest it's still my favourite. I honestly just wanted something in this shade but abit darker (I had hopes for Monte Carlo!) But Elektra I would say is the closest to true red and Monte Carlo is leaning to magenta.
 If you look at the two lippy's, the Matte Lip Cream is even glossier than the normal round lipstick! It's so extremely disappointing honestly. If you want a nice lippy, go for the normal lipsticks. For more than half the price, they have about 10 times more shades too.


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