Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekly Visuals: Food, Clothes and Whiteboard markers?!

I don't think it would be possible to top my last picture dump so I won't even try..
Still, I promise to look positively on the day spent. 

I finally got back into doing legitimate outfit posts. The specimen on the left is an example of that. On the right is what I've been lazily resulting to (mirror selfies) in the meantime.

This week has been full of procrastination. I finally got to try out the whiteboard tables we have at the library, and what can I say? I like to utilise my resources. Oh, and I like Adventure time too.. but that's an obvious one holmes.

trying out a Motel dress I got for a steal at 25p. The real question is, when will I get a chance to wear it? Too beautiful, if only I had a glamour life to showcase this dress and it's beauty.

More drawing. I have no idea why I've been cartooning my recent works lately. I began rewatching my all time favourite anime, Death Note, this is the result. 

Did I mention glorious food? I know, I'm already overweight. These indulgences will be the death of me. The above is some grub we got at Snags and Sons. Warning: hotdog full of killer industrial mustard!

Another Leederville adventure.
Left: forget wine tasting, burgers are where it's at @ jusburgers
Right: fancy fancy drinks! Can you tell I'm in the middle taking the pic? Fruiz red grape juice is intense! It's like Ribena on crack, for adults. (Because crack is totally for children.. anyways)


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