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My Haircare Routine (+ Holy Grail Hair Products!)

Hey everyone! I've been such a bad blogger with my lack of posts but today I have for everyone a really good one. I don't get a lot of "views" but most of my readers always ask me about my hair! I'm known as the girl with the really-long-hair in real life too! I thought it would be fun to do an image-tutorial type thing rather than have me rambling for twenty minutes on video. Forgive me for some of the silly photos, but this was really fun for me. I hope you enjoy! The editing took about a day straight. 

If you want to know all about my hair routine, click read more! (Image heavy)
First of all, my hair type is oily! Even though it is very oily, because it is so long, the ends are quite dry and damaged. I've always been quite adventurous with my hairstyle in terms of cut and colour, further contributing to how dry/damaged it has become. Honestly, I don't feel like I do anything extremely ~magical~ to it, nor do I use a ton of serums. The way I maintain my hair definitely wouldn't work for everyone either- I've always had rather long hairstyles and my hair grows pretty easily due to my oily hair type. 

With that being said, I really do think that my routine has contributed to helping the condition of my hair, as a lot of people who have barely dyed their hair (in comparison to my 20+ odd times & bleaching) seem to have a lot of problem with breakage and damage.

This post will be a step-by-step followthrough of how I maintain my hair and what I have done to keep it relatively "healthy" and long. My favourite hair products will be discussed at the bottom!

STEP 1: washing

I do approach washing my hair with a very specific method. This is an optimised method that works well for my long hair, but would also work for others that have particularly damaged ends like mine.
Because my hair is oily, I use a strong shampoo that helps fight the greasiness (products listed at the end of this post!). The reason I mainly work the shampoo into my scalp only is because it is less harsh on the ends of my hair this way. I avoid unnecessary friction that takes place when rubbing the ends of your hair with a cleansing product- you don't need this if your hair is dry! 
Rubbing shampoo into your ends will strip them entirely of any sort of oils, this is a much more effective way for me to wash my hair.
When you rinse the shampoo out, the directional flow of the water from the shower still reaches and cleans the tips but gently- not only in terms of how the product comes in contact with your hair, but the shampoo formula itself is a mix of water and therefore less harsh. 
I usually keep my hair clean until the next wash, so unless I've got paint on the tips accidentally, or somehow it has become dirty, I will use this method.

If you are prone to split ends, even if your hair is short, this really helps tackle the frizziness by not stripping your ends completely of oils. Sometimes I will do this twice if I feel the need to.

**I wash my hair every odd day.  DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR DAILY! (for obvious reasons.)

STEP 2: Conditioning

My hair is reaaaaaaally long (>_<) and as I mentioned before, the ends get insanely dry. On top of that, it can become super knotted as well, leading to frizz, leading to split ends! (The cycle never ends! T_T)

 But because of this, I pay a lot of attention to conditioning. During showers, I always follow the steps  of washing my hair first, then condition and leave it in until the very end (washing it out after face/body wash etc etc). 
When conditioning, I gently wring out the excess water from my hair and try to keep it at a damp state- this helps with retaining the conditioner. Less water= less runny= stay in longer! I will then massage the conditioner into my tips, adding a generous amount. Your hair will be "slippery" so if you have tangles, try to detangle them here.

Putting your hair up will keep it away from the stream of water and prevent it from washing the conditioner off instantly. Keep the conditioner in AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. For me, that's about 10 minutes (the duration of my shower!)
It's kind of like a "leave in conditioner" every wash and it keeps my ends at bay. Note that your conditioner will play a crucial role in this, as watery or runny formulas usually don't hold up as well. 

**rinse clean in COLD WATER! I do this even in Winter. It will prevent frizz and keep the nice 'conditiony' feeling in longer. But make sure to rinse all the conditioner off properly. Leaving residue is not good.
STEP 3: Drying
I wrap my hair into a towel knot and let it dry a bit (usually take it out while damp and let it air dry). I don't like to "rub" the towel against my hair like a lot of people do as I've found it makes my hair more frizzier than it has to be (Again, avoid the friction). This is a more gentle approach that "locks" in the moisture. (There is nothing interesting about it, so be prepared for this gorjuz selfie guiz.
I don't use a hairdryer to dry my hair, unless I'm desperate. My hair is naturally straight (all images in this post are of my hair in its fully natural state!). I used to use a straightening iron religiously when I had side bangs and went for the ultra-super-straight look. But nowadays I really can't be bothered because it takes too long to straighten my whole head of hair.

Before my hair is fully dry, I sometimes spray Liese Juicy Shower onto the ends. I barely do it recently though (again, lazy) but will go back to it when my hair is feeling painfully brittle. I only comb my ends, VERY GENTLY, while my hair is still moist from washing my hair.
Combing your hair when wet makes it weaker, so I try to leave it until it's almost dry. The reason I don't just wait until it's completely dry (like advised) is because my hair is IMPOSSIBLE to work with at that state. The moisture makes it easier to manage and comb out the plethora of tangles that come with having long hair.

I honestly don't do this last step that often. I hate combing my hair and once went a year without combing it once. I only do this nowadays if my hair is REALLY RANK and is in a demonic ball of tangles. But it doesn't happen all that often!
Well I hope you enjoyed these lame pictures on my haircare routine! I'm sorry it's not as exciting/complicated/special as most people think. If I did this post probably 2 years ago I would have a lot more to say, but I don't really do anything to my hair these days.

I have tried hundreds of different hair related products. I was on a quest to find the best of everything and I feel that I have a good combo that works well for me. 

1. Head & Shoulders Shampoo
I've used this for over 5 years and I always go back to it. My hair is quite greasy and I feel like this is the only shampoo that does the job and keeps my hair clean until the next wash.
2. Tresemme Conditioner
Again, I've been consistently using the same conditioner for over 4 years. I've tried all sorts of conditioners for damaged hair, including organic ones and high end brands but none of them retain the moisture as well as Tresemme does. The one pictured is a new product line that I'm trying out, but I usually don't use this one. My holy grail conditioner is the Tresemme Colour Revital . It's a creamy texture that when rinsed properly, doesn't leave a filmy texture like most budget conditioners do. I've loved it so much and have NOT changed for so long. I don't think I ever will at this price too!
3. Liese Juicy Shower
This is an asian brand hair "treatment" in a spray. I've actually gone through one bottle already. They have refills (that I've managed to purchase and top off the pretty bottle). It smells positively heavenly and the product disperses well. I don't think this is the "best-______ever!!" as I do with my other products, but I've been using this for around 2 years and its so convenient that I've just stuck with it. 
Oils and butters etc are kinda gross to apply- I personally dislike that feeling on my hands and just be soaked into my hair. Because Juicy Shower  is a liquid spray, it is too easy! The post shower-format of application is also very simple as you don't feel the mist and it naturally dries along with your hair. 
4. Klorane Dry Shampoo
This is a recent addition to my permanent-life-haircare-cycle. Dry shampoo is a must for my greasy scalp! I was previously a long term user of Batiste due to it's affordability but after investing in Klorane Oat Dry Shampoo, I can't seem to go back. It just really is the best and lives up to the hype! I use this so often and have gone through a few bottles. It's extremely handy for Summer.

1/2. Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protector
I used to be intensely into straightening and curling and styling my hair in general. Back in those days, I tried too many products to count. But none of them could really match the Guardian Angel Heat Protector.
I first tried (1) after purchasing it from Boots when I was on holiday in London. I loved it. It's super affordable and easy to acquire.Yes, some heat protectants I've used are better in terms of quality, but I find that all of them smelled overpowering, nauseating even. Others, such as the famous Tresemme heat protector, have produced disappointing results and are just bad in my opinion. I know I couldn't praise the conditioner enough, but their heat protector is just ridiculously useless and overhyped. Anyway, getting back to the point, imagine my dismay when I ran out and they didn't sell it in Australia! Luckily I found they started distributing here after maybe a year of experimenting with other high end protectants and immediately switched back!
3. Taft Mattifying Powder
I don't use this heaps. But when I do, I like it. It's not superhuman in performance but easy to use. More importantly, it's the exact same "dust it" volumising powder that they repackage and market in the womens line for about double the price. Try this out!
4. Loreal Elnett for Colour Hair
Okay, this is another product that has been buzzed about online, and I really have fallen in love with it too! I don't know how on earth this hairspray is so different from the millions on the market, but it is the only one that doesn't leave my hair crusty and hard. This is important if you have damaged/brittle hair because we don't need it to look drier than it is, right? I've repurchased this countless times and it does the job well. In terms of performance, of course it doesn't hold your hair the same way as if you were to freeze it in place with some rock hard hairspray, but I don't mind. (:

If you have noticed, I use practically all drugstore products. I'm not unwilling to spend a lot on haircare- I have actually tried some really expensive products before and all the serums, butters, oils that you could imagine. But none of them have worked as well as the ones I have listed. It's weird but true.
 I don't think there is some sort of magical formula for growing out your hair or keeping it in a nice condition and nothing can reverse the damage. Products only conceal the condition of your hair if it's bad, but it's still there.
Honestly, I think that my hair has grown faster now that I've stopped smothering it with so many products. I keep exposure to unnecessary chemicals to a minimum and try not to expose it to unnatural conditions (such as heat). With that being said, I still do these things, it's just that the way I approach my hair works for me. I dislike how flat my hair is, etc etc. but I know a lot of people aren't as fortunate to have very straight, "common" hair that most people desire. 

How long did it take to grow your hair out? I've always had long hair, but I would guessimate about ~4 years.
How long is your hair? I don't know numerically, but it goes to my belly button.
When was your hair at its longest? Around 16-17. But it was grossly long.
When was your hair at its shortest? Probably when I was 5.. had a typical Asian ball cut.

Who cuts your hair? Me! With the help of various family members.
Do you wear extensions?  NO. And I never have. I don't think I will
Do you straighten your hair? Not anymore.

What was your favourite hairstyle? Probably my red fringe, but we all know what happened to that. >_>
What hairstyle/cut would you like to try next? Always wanted to go fully red! Tried a lot of times in the past but it was very difficult to maintain/got lazy.
Best celeb hair? I love Emma Stone in blonde and orange, but I'm very biased towards her in general. Other than that, I would say Lana Del Rey, or Ariana Grande.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment if you have any questions regarding this topic!


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