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CLARINS PARIS (Combination Skin) Toning Lotion + Hydra-Matte Lotion Review

Hi everyone! I'm back with what I traditionally started out on this blog, which is reviews! I'm not much of a "beauty" person so I don't usually often have many products to offer my opinion on, but I've been using these two items from Clarins for a while and thought I would share.

They are the Hydra-Matte Lotion (for Combination Skin) and Toning Lotion with Iris (for Combination/Oily Skin). So if you are interested, click 'read more' for the review!

CLARINS Toning Lotion (with Iris) for Combination or Oily Skin
I was initially interested in this product because of it's 'alcohol free' properties. I've never tried a toner without alcohol before and I actually quite like it. 
It comes in a flat-cylindrical bottle with a nice smooth, matte texture and a plastic cap. I like that the packaging is transparent and therefore very helpful in terms of me being able to see very clearly how much of the product I have used and how much I have left. It also helps that it looks like a really pretty potion. ;)

The formula is translucent green and watery, also can bubble up quite a bit when shaken. When you open the twist cap, there is no noticeable scent (I really like that!) and the subtle fragrance is quite pleasant and only apparent when you apply it on the nose area or if start sniffling the bottle haha. I really like the toner and I think that the alcohol-free formula is noticeably better than typical toners in some ways. 

Firstly, you can use the product sparingly because it doesn't evaporate as fast as alcohol-based toners. And with its pricetag- I intend to use it exactly so! But it's not like the product itself is stingey, the bottle holds a sizeable amount of product and I can tell a little will go a long way.
Another aspect of the formula that I like is that it doesn't give you the tight-squeaky-stripped feeling on your face. My skin is extremely oily/acne prone, but I find that when I use very strong face products (ala Proactive), my skin gets worse, if not crazy, because it doesn't react well with being stripped of oils. 
The 'Iris' is gentle. In all honesty, I don't know much about Iris and skincare, but I do know about alcohol so I'm using it as a comparison. I feel like because this toner is gentler, my skin has more 'bounce', or elasticity and moisture as compared to when I've used other toners. My skin has gradually felt more 'natural' and silky smooth when I wake up in the morning!

The downside to the Iris Toner is obviously the price. It's so expensive, I will most likely not repurchase it. Although I have presented several benefits when using this toner, it's not a miracle worker on my acne (and I don't expect it to be!) and I think that is what takes precedent in my skin care routine. I'm considering repurchasing my favourite acne toner again because my skin needs it. But overall, I really like this toner and would definitely recommend it for people who have combo/oily skin but not as much acne


CLARINS Hydra-Matte Lotion for Combination Skin
This product is a lotion type cream that I use as a makeup base. I've been using casually it for a few months now especially when my skin feels oily. Lately I haven't really been bothered though because it's winter and my skin gets rather dry. 

The directions read:

'radiance, comfort and a matte appearance for combination skin. Apply daily to cleansed face and neck.'

I think this lotion is really good for my oily t-zone. I use it as a base because it is almost impossible for me to use normal makeup bases due to the fact that they contain silicon and clog my pores like there's no tomorrow. This is probably the only product that I've been able to successfully use as a base-type product without breaking out and other acne related problems!

With the Hydra-Matte Lotion, the product comes out in a creamy lotion consistency but becomes very watery when I work it my skin. 

There's an extremely refreshing, but subtle cooling sensation and then the skin is left feeling super super smooth. My skin looks visibly more matte but it is in no way dry. And that's the reason I use it for a base! It's a gentle prep for my makeup that gives the effect of my makeup being a lot more smoother, especially in my pore problem areas like the nose and chin. This is pretty much an unconventional use for the product but I think it works well for me. It has good oil control too, and doesn't clog my irritable pores. It's a must have for me in summer.

In terms for longevity, I think the 'matte' effect/ oil control is pretty good. It's not SUPERB CRAZY AMAZING- but still very good. I remember using this in summer and it was noticeably less oily by the end of the day in comparison to when I didn't use it. My makeup also wasn't gross and melting off and I also didn't get those little bumps by the end of the day that would've resulted if I put something that clogged my pores on in the sweltering heat. I probably wouldn't wear foundation in summer without it!

One thing I don't like about this product is the packaging. It looks pretty and expensive, but the pump is really annoying in my opinion. It's one of those pumps that has a lot of resistance, so you end up using caution to softly pressing down hoping you don't squeeze too much and then suddenly a whole slosh of product flies out and it's way too much for even my big face! It has happened to me so many times, and on top of that, there is so much force that the lotion dispenses with great momentum behind it. It can be sent flying across the room even! (trust me, it's happened and it wasn't pretty..)
This is not a good thing considering the texture is watery and you can really go a long way with just a tiny bit of product. It's one of those things I would use sparingly and therefore would prefer it dispense sparingly too. It kind of annoyed me how much went to waste at times. If you're the type of person that really can't be bothered and prioritise convenience of packaging for your product of choice, steer clear of this!

But again, the price is probably the ultimate decider here. I liked the product and I don't think I will run out of it any time soon, but I don't know whether I'd purchase this when this one runs out. I'm just not a luxury-skincare kind of girl and but if you're willing to fork out the money, I'd say go for it!



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